Saturday, October 30, 2010

Camping take 2: now we're talking!

Tent? check.
Fire? check.
Lake? check.
Junk food? check.
Me, Lucy and Preston driving 1 mile back home to our own beds? check.
Go back in the morning with breakfast and coffee to enjoy the day? check.
Now, we're getting somewhere camping with toddlers. Call me a wimp.

(sorry for the excess of photos, it was such a pretty morning)

Boys and fire... there is nothing like the gleam in their eye. I was only burned once.
Tent for 2: dad and Caroline
Yes, blue gatorade and macaroni-and-cheese chips were on the menu, and lucy's face.

Lucy has named our grey heron friend, Clifford. We see him alot.

Oh, everyone loves each other so much more when they aren't jumped on or peed on in the middle of the night!


efguess said...

That looks amazing! Beautiful!

Amity said...

What a good plan! I am so glad that it went well. Your photos are beautiful!!!!