Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thanks Aunt Liz...

Wow... so, Aunt Liz gave the girls a whole make-up case the other day complete with lavender,electric blue and green eyeshadow! She is such a sweet aunt, but this was really to keep them from begging her to use her real MAC or whatever-fancy stuff she uses:) Persistent little lasses.
They LOVE it.
I took this picture to stall her for a minute so neighbor-Jack could run away from her with the eye-shadow brush.

All the while, Preston was squeezing out the entire tube of
hot pink princess toothpaste
and mashing it into the carpet of each stair and the wall.
Do you ever feel you have completely lost control??


Liz said...

OH NO!!! I mean... that was the reason for the instruction that it was only to be used with mom around.... but I guess that didn't help with the Dizz and his lipgloss!! Sorry for adding to the chaos!!!

Liz said...

(I do try to not give presents that make a lot of noise... does that help my case for non-disruptive presents?!)

Schulz Sightings said...

oh, Liz, I am totally messing with you. The part where they are getting into it alone is my whole point with feeling out of control. Where is that kid's mother?? They LOVE the make up!! I may need to hide it better:)

Megan said...

"Do you ever feel like you've completely lost control?" Yes, yes I do.