Saturday, March 19, 2011

Paper Chase Slide Show

Monday and Tuesday involved LOTS of hurrying up to wait. We went back to the court to the 7 foot judge who was very kind and wants us to email him the picture of him :) There were many issues with the court ruling, and we had to have it redone about 4 times. We had to go to the notary's office, twice, and went to the MGEPROF office to write letters to request the travel letter. Tuesday we went bright and early to the immigration office, where we were turned away by the officer b/c he said our act of adoption handwriting looked like we changed the name. So, we had to find our POA, Peter, to get the original act of adoption, go back to the sector and have it re-stamped and fly back Mission Impossible style to immigration before it closed at 11. We made it in time and then I waited in the car with Drew for the next hour and a half so Andy could turn in the papers :)
Tuesday we were all set to pick up the travel letter and be able to keep him with us from then on. He had a cute little onesie on with his name on it and he went for a haircut! We went to the MTN center where they had a "salon". His hair was nice and fluffy, but splotchy!! Lots of time laying on his back turning his head side to side in the orphanage... Now it's gone but will grow in even. Steven, our driver, from Africa New Life, says he doesn't like it :)
All that to say that we were set to be done with the orphanage and have him leave with us forever, when we got a call that the minister would not be coming back and we would have to leave him there... A VERY sad night laying him back down in his old crib that they had to shuffle a baby out of. Everyone was crying and it was dark and raining. He started screaming when I had to leave him.

On the bright side, the next day, we got the travel form and he was able to say goodbye to the nuns who had cared for him since he was found at one month old and brought to them. I will forever be indebited to them and their faithful service and sacrifice.

Steven, our driver, has been wonderful. I don't know what we would do without him. He picks us up every morning and drives all over the hills of Kigali laughing hesitantly at our jokes and cutting up, the patience of Job, that man. We've learned a lot about Rwandan culture and asked him way too many questions about his personal life :) He has been a great friend to Caroline too.

Friday, we got our I600 (the golden ticket out of Rwanda) at the US Embassy , which was a suprisingly easy process after much build up and stress. We leave tomorrow for Nairobi. I will be sad to leave! The FOOD, friendly people, beauty and sweet families we have been with.

I am sitting here watching Caroline play soccar with the day-guard, Butro, at the Mears house. She has done amazingly well after a couple rough days, I am really proud of her. She has learned how to bargain at the market, interact and make friends with people who don't speak her language, eagerly eat foreign foods, show compassion at a deep level, be patient with LONG waits and survive jetlag well.
I think this will prove to be a pivotal experience for her.
That's all for now, I'll say "hello" from Nairobi tomorrow.


becoming 7 said...

glad you made it through these days! praying you make it through the rest of the trip quickly.

Kat said...

I love how much you are updating the blog! I'm living vicariously through you. So happy for y'all!!

Jennifer said...

Love the pics of his first haircut! His precious little face...

Can't believe you had to take him back to his old crib - that must have been so difficult. Praise God for the strength He is giving you to make it through these tough days. And, I'm so THANKFUL that little Drew is back in your arms!

Love and prayers,

EB said...

Emily, thanks for being so diligent in updating the blog. It is truly one of the highlights of my day to read! So glad the paperwork (or most of it) it finally behind you all. Continuing to pray, and Addison can't WAIT for Drew to be home! :)

Vanderpool days said...

Thank you so much for the awesome photos and giving those of us waiting a chance to see Rwanda through your eyes. Can't wait to be in your shoes one day soon! Prayers on your safe travel home!
Sarah Vanderpool

lindethompson said...

Emily, I haven't seen you in many years. I am friends with Kristin Laughlin and saw a link to your blog on her facebook page. I knew she was going to Rawanda but didn't know the family she was going with. It is so encouraging to see your family and how you are welcoming this sweet new blessing into your life. Such a wonderful picture of God's grace! Great to see your precious family!