Monday, August 16, 2010

never say never

I used to make fun of people who homeschooled. This is now my study.
(to be fair, we go to a University Model school, Veritas. They give me EVERYTHING I need and tell me what to do)
1st grade is knocking at our door and I've got my ancient history posters already on the wall. I've never been known as a perfectionist, but this room is about as close as I come. (minus the sadly under used treadmill.)
Pledge of Allegiance, 100s counting chart, math manipulatives basket, magnetic jumbo letters, homeschool english and math books, "bouquets of sharpened pencils" (name that movie?).
what more could any homeschool mom dream of?
This may be my favorite project of all time. I scanned in our favorite book covers or pictures and mounted them on burlap, spray painted some frames navy or white. viola!
My favorite children's book picture of all time from Blueberries for Sal.
Andy took all three kids to his parents for a fun weekend of swimming and cousins. I got to clean out the entire house, organize and prepare for the new year. This is my one shot all year. It will now be an annual August tradition!! right, andy?
I got the most amazing set of CDs at Costco, songs from Musicals. I had it blaring all weekend.
I'll sew a denim jumper for whoever can name the Musical :)
"I like to be in America
Okay by me in America
Everything free in America"

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our latest endeavor

Andy has always had a vision of us living on the lake. He amazes me that when he sets his sights on something, he makes it happen. He definitely had some visionary help from a friend:)
So, now we have a lot on the lake that we'll build on next year. He and I are so different, it makes me laugh, and I am so blessed to have him. Growing up here in Austin has made me a bit partial to the water as well. It is dreamy on the water in the mornings.
Some may be a little concerned about us turning into lake rats...
All week we've been going down in the mornings. The big bass, turtles, grey heron, and mallards are already our friends. Uncle Daniel gave Caroline a fancy fishing pole named the "Lady Fish" which she baits with worms and take off the fish herself. It is quite a sight!
They are all looking and pointing at the bass at the end of the dock.
There are 4 pecan trees in a perfect kickball diamond. Lucy needs some work.
We've had many family kickball games already.
We were able to have a little birthday party for Caroline there.

Preston trying to kill the rainbow pinata
Sweet friend Samantha celebrating with Caroline
My sister Kathryn and brother Daniel with Preston and cousin Campbell.
That is a treehouse in the background.
I am looking forward to many, many big family gatherings, parties, relaxing with friends, and raising 4 kids romping around here. Thank you Andy for making this happen!!