Sunday, May 11, 2008

Maddon's Bday and trip to Nana's

The girls and Andy took a trip to Fort Worth and Duncanville last weekend to celebrate our cousin Maddon's 1st birthday. I stayed here all by my lonesome. I got so many things done in preparation for our baby, but was so glad when my little flock came home!

This is about as close as Lucy came to the pool. Caroline loves to swim, yes, that is swimming, not drowning, in the spa. Noone would go in the big pool with her, being 50 degrees and all.

Daytrip to see the Lemmons

A couple Saturdays ago we went to San Antonio to see our dear friends the Lemmons. The girls love Daley and Jacob and spent most of the afternoon splashing around in the baby pool in the back yard with them. Brittany is due with #3 just one week before me and had been on bedrest for 8 weeks!!