Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wanted: summer playlist suggestions

Not being the koolest kat on the block, I need some help putting together some music for the summer.
At the swim meet the other day, all of the kids were singing along to the songs put together by the DJ. Yes, DJ, at our swim meet.  What we lack in speed, we make up in spunk!  
I knew none of the songs, at least none from the 2000s, but they were really fun.  So, what do we need to have jamming in the Schulz home this summer??

Friday, May 20, 2011

My Lucy: Off with the Old, on with the New

With many tears I allowed my Lucy to graduate from preschool. 
 I wavered back and forth whether or not to do it. 
Sonshine School has been the perfect place for her the past 3 years to make the sweetest friends, do art, chase boys and just be the nut she is.  If we didn't have about 6 more years of Sonshine ahead of us I'd be a real mess!  She is excited that she actually goes to school less next year than she did this year.  Hey, I can relate.  I wasn't exactly known for being IN school all 5 days of the week...
  I can't tell you HOW many people have asked hesitently "so... how do you think LUCY is going to do at Veritas??"  (our school where i teach her 3 days a week at home) 
I really think she is going to LOVE it, it is right up her alley!
I also have trusty Caroline who has her on a phonogram and math program already.
Can you see her sweet face behind her hair?
Her BFF, Madren
Ms. Mary giving Lucy the award for "Confidence" after explaining how she is so "comfortable in her own skin" so true, so true :)

On with the new... Swim Team!!! 

Apparently, She is In It To Win It. 
Look at her checking out her competition, sizing her up. " i can take her, it's on".

I love that she is the only one in a black swim suit b/c she was too small for the team suit.
Holy cow!  She flew to the other end and won her heat :) Who knew?
On to the backstroke, we're really serious about this now, pulling out the swim cap and stretching.  I'd never actually seen her DO the backstroke when i signed her up for it, so, I was just hoping she could find the lane lines when she started to sink.

Check her out, she was amazing!!

"Yes, yes, I did, I won my race, on my back!!"
like I said, "in it to win it!"  I'm proud of you Little Lu!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Children of God

oh, my dear heavens, I just watched this.
 Since I'm the only one on the planet not on facebook, I missed this...  stick with it to the end.  Preston just watched and said "Jesus is holding MY Drew"  :)  (Mac does look a little like Jesus here)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Panning for Gold

"The voice of the Lord is over the waters;
the God of glory thunders
 the Lord over many waters.
The voice of the Lord is powerful;
the voice of the Lord is full of majesty."

Andy sent me away Saturday.  I had all morning to go where I pleased. alone.  I went to the water.  I needed to hear from the Lord.  I was able to spend all morning in His Word.  Filling, breathing into me. Kayaking down the river, feeling His presence, His voice.  "I am with you, I will equip you for this that I have given you, these children are mine and I love them more than you do"

"I sought the Lord, and he answered me
and delivered me from all my fears.
Those who look to him are radiant" Psalm 34:4

After my little drama the other day, so many of you called/emailed/texted with scripture and encouragement.  I felt so calmed and filled.  Thank you. 
I have loved the Christa Wells song "Panning for Gold"  It is about going to scripture hungry, expectant, waiting for God to reveal the gold he has for you today.

 "I go to the pages handed down and worn
I'm hearing the sages with the Truth on their tongues
Sifting beauty from the layers of ash
I'm tracing the universe with my fingers in the sand

I'm panning for gold, I'm panning for gold
Until I have all my heart can hold" 

That is how he feeds me, His Word, truth. Not self-help or "processing" with others.  Then her album goes into "Everything Moves But You" beautiful stuff!!

I was listening to a talk last night in the car, by Susan Hillis in which she also referenced panning for gold, in our children.  How we are to wait and search, knowing that the gold is there, expecting it to shine through in time.  Keep on panning, encourage them by voicing the gold you do see.

My Bible Study teacher, Marty, sent me this from Isaiah 40:11, it has been GREAT encouragement, I hope it is to you too:
"He will tend his flock like a shepherd;
he will gather the lambs in his arms;
he will carry them in his bosom,
and gently lead those that are with young."

His promise is to shepherd me as I shepherd my sheep. I take comfort in knowing that I am just a dumb sheep, needing to be helped when I get myself all flipped over!
love to you, my fellow shepherds and gold diggers~

Friday, May 6, 2011

In Which: The Wheels May Be Coming Off

So, we're back into The House at Pooh Corner...  Also, I just finished reading AnnE (thank you Liz) of Green Gables to the girls, so forgive me if I have a little melodrama:
As we've recovered from jetlag, introduced Drew into our family, and kept going with life, I've kept my head down and focused on what needs to get done.  There is a lot to get done.  Many balls are getting dropped.
Come to find out, 4 kids is a LOT of kids, especially when we are all home, all the time, homeschooling and cocooning and the like.  Or we are at swim team and I am having a complete breakdown with all 4 in different directions at the lake and pool.

As Drew has bonded so well with us, he is needing us more and more, a good thing.  He is healing, and that comes with much fussing in the middle of the night or when I leave the room.  He wants/needs to be on me most of the time and is not a fan of napping longer than about 15 minutes.  I love to have him on me and he starts clapping when I pull out the Ergo, did I mention he is 23 lbs?!!

I am struggling with my own inadequacies.  Lucy and Preston are having a really hard time right now.  LOTS of temper tantrums, sobbing in the middle of the night b/c "my tummy hurts", needing my full attention, and just blatant defiance and disobedience.  They need me too, and lots of me.
Come to find out, there is only 1 of me.

Also, Andy is slammed at work right now, catching up from being gone and lots of other work related issues.  That means LONG hours and travel. Neither of us has much for the other right now and we are empty, dry.  Emotionally, spiritually, and physically exhausted.  I really want to be GREAT mom, but too often try and do it out of my own capacity and fail miserably, spinning my little wheels all the while.  I am not spending time in prayer and study and have realized, once again, how Christ is my absolute lifeline.  Nothing else can fill me. Only he can equip me for this.
And, "this" in the grand scheme of things is pretty amazing!!
I am  abundantly blessed, just a little over my head with my blessings, and their needs!
 My head is spinning, my heart racing and inadequacies on display.  So, there is my melodrama for the moment, forgive my focus on ME, and the fact this post probably makes no sense.  I would put a great scripture at the bottom of this, but my mind is totally blank.  maybe you have something for me?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

kids + water

Is there anything more fun?

Lucy X2

Trouble X2

 love the shovel as an oar!

Have a happy day!