Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day

 We made it!!  The first day of Kinder for my spunky little one was a success!  Loved her teacher, loved her friends, loved PE, loved seeing Caroline in the halls, and loves that she doesn't have to go back again until Monday!
 2nd did this happen??
The highlight of her day was her dance elective.  We are in for a LOT of performances in the living room!

Preston and I enjoyed just being together with Drew.  I didn't realize how much he talks!!  Now that the girls were out of the house, I thought it was going to be quieter (they have QUITE a bit to say)
   Holy Smokes, he didn't take a breath ALL day.  
He also kept stealing my steak knives to "saw" things, like sticks and dirt, the house columns etc...  Any ideas how to steer this in a better direction?  My friend, Kristin's husband bought the boys a tool box with small "real" tools in it, hammer, saw, nails, screws...   That seems brilliant to me.
I love Preston's little voice when he asks "MOM, will you come saw wood with me?"
"of course, sweetheart, let me grab a knife first."