Sunday, September 21, 2008


The girls first day of preschool. They LOVE it with all their hearts! Art, music, snacks, chasing boys around the playground...
goofy girl!
Caroline's first fish at the lake, what a whopper!
Our sweet Preston is growing and is just as sweet as can be!
I love his smiles!

Lucy's birthday

Lucy turned 3 a few weeks ago and I stopped to reflect on just why we love this ZANY little girl:
I love the way she marches down the stairs in the morning announcing "Here comes ME!"
How she stomps on really large bugs and then picks them up to show us, guts and all
The way she hugs her friends until they fall on the ground.
When she comes to sleep with me in the morning and seems to sleep on every square inch of our king sized bed.
Her facial expressions!
Her thoughtfulness and concern for all of us in her family. Especially any owies that may need a hello kitty bandaid.
Her love of snow cones with daddy
Driving around the neighborhood, she tells us to "look out for one bunny and one deer"
The way she tells us all she loves us "very much" and is so affectionate
Her very quirky sense of humor!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Caroline!

We had Caroline's birthday party at the lake park with family and friends.
The pinata, raft, pounds of candy, hot dogs, water and sand toys were all a hit.

Uncles Andy and Daniel chatting up Lucy

The party was a bit much for Preston. Nana took over baby duties.

We stuffed the pinata so full the head fell off immediately so we had to string up the body of the burro. A little disturbing...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Life doesn't stop for #3!

I was quite proud of myself this week!
Our sweet friends the Clarks had us out to their lake house with two other friends and their kiddos. So, I packed up 4 week old Preston and the girls and headed out for a BLAST of a day.
Preston was a trooper and slept much of the day at the house (good thing for baby monitors!)
Caroline and her new friend Megan on the tube behind the boat.
A bit of a bumpy ride, but they were awesome. The highlight of the day was the three of us jetting around the lake in the Sedo, screaming the whole way.
It is so great to be back in Austin!!!

Gayle and the 5 year olds, Megan, Cole and Caroline.
Thanks Gayle for a great day!
Our Fourth
For the 4th, Maddon, Aunt Erin and Uncle Charlie came to Austin to spend the weekend.
Andy, Charlie and Erin took the kids to Town Lake for the weekly run and then to Rudy's for a bfast taco.
We could see fireworks from our upstairs balcony.
We enjoyed County Line bbq and hit the pool too.
It was a busy weekend, and it was great to get to spend so much time just with the Fort Worth gang!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

And Baby Makes FIVE!

I can't believe that this is me sitting here with this large family.
What happened?
A minute ago I was getting married to a wonderful man
and setting up house in a tiny apartment.
God has showered us with his blessings, above and beyond all we could ask or imagine.
I have been overwhelmed by His lovingkindness
as we welcome Preston to this world.

Preston scrubbed up after his bath in the hospital. He is perfect!

Me, as a proud mom.

Andy gave him his first bath, which, predictably, was not appreciated by Preston!

He has been such a mellow little guy so far.

He is two weeks old today, and taking a nap right now. The girls ADORE him.

Monday, June 2, 2008

One last girls day

Since tomorrow is my official due date and I have been just waiting and waiting, getting grumpier by the day, we decided to go to Barton Springs just the 3 of us. We needed to do something really fun after all the preparations and errand running.
In a way, i will miss it being just us 3 girls, but we can't wait for baby Preston to get here!
Caroline did an awesome job swimming, it was a bit frigid for Lucy although we waded quite a bit.
We indulged in corn dogs and snow cones
Caroline has been determined to master the Zilker monkey bars and flys like a monkey now. She ripped a callous which was quite a badge of honor for all her hard work.
Lucy wearing all the junk food we could find!
wading out for a swim

Farrar Family Fun day

The whole Farrar clan came to the Cuernevaca hangout on lake Austin for cookout and swimming last Suday. Papa and gramma were definately in the water most with the girls (being the good grandparents they are!) The kayak was out and about, football was thrown, and Eliz and Taylor's new puppy, Gus did great swimming.
Aunt Liz enjoying the shade

Aunt Elizabeth with Lucy

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Maddon's Bday and trip to Nana's

The girls and Andy took a trip to Fort Worth and Duncanville last weekend to celebrate our cousin Maddon's 1st birthday. I stayed here all by my lonesome. I got so many things done in preparation for our baby, but was so glad when my little flock came home!

This is about as close as Lucy came to the pool. Caroline loves to swim, yes, that is swimming, not drowning, in the spa. Noone would go in the big pool with her, being 50 degrees and all.

Daytrip to see the Lemmons

A couple Saturdays ago we went to San Antonio to see our dear friends the Lemmons. The girls love Daley and Jacob and spent most of the afternoon splashing around in the baby pool in the back yard with them. Brittany is due with #3 just one week before me and had been on bedrest for 8 weeks!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Sunny Weekend

The girls love to pull each other around using the jumprope attached to the tricycle. It is so funny watching them come up with little games with each other. They usually involve one being the mommy and one the baby

Safety first! This has become a signature pose of Lucy's

Aunt Kathryn came over Saturday to hang with us. We went to the Lake-park. Caroline splashed in the water and made castles in the sand. Again, Lucy is no fan of anything cold, so she played on the playground and skateboarded.