Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lucy's birthday

Lucy turned 3 a few weeks ago and I stopped to reflect on just why we love this ZANY little girl:
I love the way she marches down the stairs in the morning announcing "Here comes ME!"
How she stomps on really large bugs and then picks them up to show us, guts and all
The way she hugs her friends until they fall on the ground.
When she comes to sleep with me in the morning and seems to sleep on every square inch of our king sized bed.
Her facial expressions!
Her thoughtfulness and concern for all of us in her family. Especially any owies that may need a hello kitty bandaid.
Her love of snow cones with daddy
Driving around the neighborhood, she tells us to "look out for one bunny and one deer"
The way she tells us all she loves us "very much" and is so affectionate
Her very quirky sense of humor!!

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