Sunday, July 13, 2008

Life doesn't stop for #3!

I was quite proud of myself this week!
Our sweet friends the Clarks had us out to their lake house with two other friends and their kiddos. So, I packed up 4 week old Preston and the girls and headed out for a BLAST of a day.
Preston was a trooper and slept much of the day at the house (good thing for baby monitors!)
Caroline and her new friend Megan on the tube behind the boat.
A bit of a bumpy ride, but they were awesome. The highlight of the day was the three of us jetting around the lake in the Sedo, screaming the whole way.
It is so great to be back in Austin!!!

Gayle and the 5 year olds, Megan, Cole and Caroline.
Thanks Gayle for a great day!
Our Fourth
For the 4th, Maddon, Aunt Erin and Uncle Charlie came to Austin to spend the weekend.
Andy, Charlie and Erin took the kids to Town Lake for the weekly run and then to Rudy's for a bfast taco.
We could see fireworks from our upstairs balcony.
We enjoyed County Line bbq and hit the pool too.
It was a busy weekend, and it was great to get to spend so much time just with the Fort Worth gang!!

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KDub said...

emily... found your blog through jen chen! wow. a third kiddo and a now in austin! how fun. he is too cute, and your girls are beautiful. and look like a ton of fun!
kristin mcneil