Friday, May 20, 2011

My Lucy: Off with the Old, on with the New

With many tears I allowed my Lucy to graduate from preschool. 
 I wavered back and forth whether or not to do it. 
Sonshine School has been the perfect place for her the past 3 years to make the sweetest friends, do art, chase boys and just be the nut she is.  If we didn't have about 6 more years of Sonshine ahead of us I'd be a real mess!  She is excited that she actually goes to school less next year than she did this year.  Hey, I can relate.  I wasn't exactly known for being IN school all 5 days of the week...
  I can't tell you HOW many people have asked hesitently "so... how do you think LUCY is going to do at Veritas??"  (our school where i teach her 3 days a week at home) 
I really think she is going to LOVE it, it is right up her alley!
I also have trusty Caroline who has her on a phonogram and math program already.
Can you see her sweet face behind her hair?
Her BFF, Madren
Ms. Mary giving Lucy the award for "Confidence" after explaining how she is so "comfortable in her own skin" so true, so true :)

On with the new... Swim Team!!! 

Apparently, She is In It To Win It. 
Look at her checking out her competition, sizing her up. " i can take her, it's on".

I love that she is the only one in a black swim suit b/c she was too small for the team suit.
Holy cow!  She flew to the other end and won her heat :) Who knew?
On to the backstroke, we're really serious about this now, pulling out the swim cap and stretching.  I'd never actually seen her DO the backstroke when i signed her up for it, so, I was just hoping she could find the lane lines when she started to sink.

Check her out, she was amazing!!

"Yes, yes, I did, I won my race, on my back!!"
like I said, "in it to win it!"  I'm proud of you Little Lu!!


Chelsea said...

Emily! Thank you so much for "introducing" yourself on my blog a while back! I just spent time reading and watching your amazing slideshows....and crying ALOT. I have been lifting you up in prayer as I read about your first few weeks home with your precious Drew, and truly look forward to getting to know your family someday!

Looks like we have LOTS in common and I am SO THANKFUL to have this amazing network of families for support and encouragement. So glad we're officially blog friends. God bless you. You are an AMAZING momma to all four of your precious ones!!

Liz said...

Lu Bean... you are AWESOME. I'm so proud of you for winning your races, and more importantly for just being amazing. Love you, little woman. :)