Monday, March 21, 2011

You've come a long way, Baby!

Here we are in Nairobi. Different digs than the orphanage for sure.
We had our medical appointment today, which I am happy to report went smooth, especially given that they told us they had nothing available all week. We showed up anyways and just asked to be added to the patient list. We arrived about 7:45 and were done by noon. It was fun to talk to many families attempting to immigrate to the US, great stories! I brought crayons, markers and paper. We had to wait a while for each stage, so I brought it out for all the kids and there were about 10 kids around a table happy for some sort of something to do!
According to the Doctor, Drew is a "confident, strong boy", I think that is code for "well fed". There were no issues that alerted her.

We came back to the hotel to nap and Drew cried for a good 3 hours straight :(
Then we went to the "mall" down the street. We had to get formula, water and red wine.  Cover our bases.

We came back to the hotel, swanky by our standards, where we had promised Caroline she could swim in the rooftop pool. Now was her big chance, all that pent up energy. We went up and it seemed to be "serious" Kenyan businessmen's cocktail hour around the pool area. I couldn't deny her, so in she dove. She put on quite the mermaid extravaganza (quietly) much to their eventual entertainment. Then Andy came up with delivered pizza. Who brought in the Texas Hilbillies?
Everyone here in Nairobi has been wonderful. HUGE city, traffic like Houston. We are off to the Nairobi National Park tomorrow and hope to see some big animals. Our embassy appointments are Wednesday and Thursday, hope to pick up Visa Friday and head back to Texas Friday night. We sure miss everyone, especially our two little ones, Lucy and Preston!!!


Amanda Lynn said...

I'm glad everything is going about as smoothly as it can. We're looking forward to having you home and meeting Drew!

Kathryn said...

Great news! Caroline looks so grown up & quite the world traveler in that picture. Looking forward to having y'all home!

Kat said...

So glad to hear it! You're so close to getting home!!!

Kristin said...

Missing you all but thankful for the good news update!! Great job on pics Em! Love drewsey's signature chill pose with his 2 fingers in his mouth!! Praying the rest of the week is fun and all goes smoothly! Can't wait to see safari pics!

holly Eppes said...

Cute pics! He is such a cuddle bug. I want to eat him. Caroline looks like she is getting this traveling thing down.