Thursday, March 17, 2011

A new day!

Thank you for your prayers and emails today, they are so encouraging. After a couple frustrating and intense days, we were able to obtain the fully signed travel letter and took everything to the nuns. They took our papers and told us we could take the children away. They were thrilled to see them go to families, their countenance totally changed toward us after a couple days. It was a sweet day.

We did get a full tour of the orphanage. In the baby room there are 16 babies, the cribs are very short with matresses much shorter, which leaves a gap of about 8 inches. Caroline and I were able to go around to each crib, lay hands on the baby and pray over him/her. We prayed for protection, healing, and blessing. Also, that he would prepare them and all of you families who are adopting. Most of the babies will be adopted this year!! We saw the older toddler room/dormitory with about 30 tiny cribs. It is pretty chaotic! There is an outdoor washing area with about 15 big basins with water, and clotheslines. There are hundreds of cloth diapers to scrub. There are young women the nuns have taken in who work at the orphanage. They are the poorest of the poor and have nowhere else to go. They have no education and no family. The nuns love them and care for them. There is also a mentally handicapped wing for adults. That was hard, but love knowing that they, too, are cared for.

We got Drew home and sat with him outside, played with him on the floor and bed. He is eating really well, avacado and banana, a Schulz already. I can't believe how he has lit up, smiling, and clapping, kicking, rolling over, even sitting up a little on his own. MAJOR strides! Last week, he was so floppy, he barely moved the lower half of his body. Head very wobbly and no rolling over or sitting up. He was really zoned out, we were wondering what was going on up there... He is no so engaging and smiley. We scrubbed him down in the bath, got him ready for bed, and put him down in the pack in play for bed. He konked out immediately!! I was shocked. He may not stay that way overnight, but it is good for now. The Choys are here, Drew and Alyah are having their first play date :) We are babysitting for the Mear's kids and they are out.
Tomorrow, we get to rest a little, back to immigration, and we may even be able to go to the genocide memorial (not with Caroline). Maybe a "girls market day" that Caroline has been clammoring for.
The mood is much lighter and more fun. I've tried the sling, and Holly, I need some help!
We were able to chat with Lucy and Preston, they were at the Dallas Zoo with Nana and Grampa, and Aunt Marian, and cousin Austin. They sounded great! Having a fun spring break.

We were SO sad to see Kristin go home last night, we will really miss her companionship. We had such a great time together and she provided much comedic relief! Her pictures have been such a blessing to us, and I know for so many of you it helps to have tangible proof of where YOU will be in a few months. She has such a ministry through adoption photography, and such a pure heart. Kristin has one more slide show to post, but you will have to put up with my photos from here on out. That is it for now, so nice to have Drew sleeping with us!! Orphan no more.


Nzisapoet said...

Thanks for sharing your journey...reads like a page off the Bible. I love the phrase-orphan no more :) He sets the homeless in families. God bless.

Keri said...

Praise the Lord! I am so happy for you guys!

KLTTX said...

So glad he is with his family forever from here on out. I hope the rest of your time in Rwanda and then in Keyna goes smoothly and you get back to Texas soon.

The Wells Family said...

yippee! thanks so much for the update.
what a miracle. praising God!

Sheri ID said...

We have been following your travels in Rwanda and now Kenya excitedly. We are currently waiting for our referral and looking forward to our day to travel, hopefully soon. I just wanted to thank you soooo much for your prayers for all the little ones, our referral is waiting at migeprof and so we are blessed knowing you prayed over our little guy. It is a huge encouragement. We are praying for you as you travel and finish your last appointments. Drew is so adorable! Congrats.