Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Festival, Booker T Style

Last week, our home group was a little more organized in our monthly time at Hope Street, we thought we'd do a "fall festival".
Hope Street is the ministry of some dear friends at a housing project on the East Side of town. They love, feed and teach the Word of God to about 60 kids every Thursday. We get to join them once a month, love, feed, and oh, learn from them. God is doing a mighty work in our hearts! It is a blast!
We put on a mini-fall festival with doughnut eating contests, "fishing", face painting, archery, pumpkin games, etc...
We are honored they allow us to love these children with them.
My children have such fun, and are being stretched in great ways.

Amanda and Holly cooked and served tons of kids. You guys rock!!
Preston got into the hair paint and shaving cream. Anyone surprised... anyone?
We pulled Kristin in to use her master painter skills

The Schulz girls taking on the doughnuts

Doughnut eating!!
Archery, right up Allen's alley !
Lucy asked if she could have her 6th bday at Booker T :) maybe so.

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