Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Run for the Water and NEW Cousin Charlie!

Sunday Morning we had a first as a family. Caroline and Lucy ran their first race, the Run for the Water. I ran the 10 mile version with a couple girls I run with alot. Gilbert from Burundi is a bit of an Austin superstar. His running group, Gilbert's Gazelles, trains the same time I run at the lake at early-thirty on Saturday mornings. He has an unbelievable story of escaping the genocide in Burundi (same Hutu/Tutsi conflict as the Rwandan genocide) The race raised $ to send to his home village to build water wells. The girls loved the cause and running fast!
Lucy was slowing quite a bit, but heard me cheering for her, put her head down and sprinted to the finish :) The pink converse were lightning fast!

Megan and I stayed together the whole time. Beautiful race through Tarrytown.
Joanie and Eric-dynamo duo
In major family news, my brother Daniel, and sister in law Liz had their first baby Saturday night.
Charlie Preston Farrar.
He is beautiful!! We got to see and hold him briefly, but he's struggling with blood sugar levels. I don't have pics yet as he is in the NICU, but doing great and will be home soon. I'll post pics soon.
Congratulations Daniel and Liz, we LOVE you!!

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Kathryn said...

wow - Caroline looks exactly like you in that picture. (except taller) :) Lucy, on the other hand, looks like your body double. She has some pretty muscular legs for a 5 year old.