Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I simply remember my favorite things...

Singing this song to all three kids the other night in the guest bed at 2am, I did start thinking of some of my more recent favorite things. There was a thunderstorm. They do not do well with thunderstorms, and then it became a big slumber party for 2 hours. That has nothing whatsoever to do with the list below, but take it or leave it, I love these books and music right now:

She is unbelievable. She is a true songwriter (not that I really know music) but, I have listened to her album nonstop for about 3 weeks. Her songs, Weightless, A Thousand Things (which has me crying like a baby), Life Costs so Much, Fly, the tongue in cheek Don't call it Love...

Yes, I know I am probably the last one alive to fall in love with Ann. Her words literally calm my soul. It sounds silly, I know, but there is something very special about her. She lives on a farm in Canada, with her farmer husband and 6 kids. She writes like noone else about gratitude, the holy in the mundane, every beautiful detail of our ordinary lives. Again, I have cried through several of her posts. Yes, I am taking my Vitamin B and fish oil to help with this!

God book for Preston: Read Aloud Bible Stories. I LOVE these for his age! They are simple and rich with big pictures. Sound Theologically and not silly, but sweet.

God book for Lucy: Leading Little Ones to God This book is organized in a fantastic way! We went through it with Caroline a couple years ago. It is really a Systematic Theology book for the 4-6 year old set. Right up my alley! It has 14 Sections with 6 readings in each. For example,
part 2: God is Very Great.
a. God is One God
b.God is Everywhere
c. God Knows all things...
The pictures are horribly outdated and the hymns I've never heard of. I would LOVE to re-do this book.

God book for Caroline: Big Truths for Young Hearts: Teaching and Learning the Greatness of God. Bruce Ware is a Seminary prof, and brings all his depth to this book for kids. Andy usually reads this with Caroline. It is amazing!! Much more indepth than Lucy's book, but organized the same way, ie:
Section 3. Creator and Ruler of All
a. God rules the world he has made
b. God provides all good things in the World
c. God controls all Bad things in the World...

That's it for now. I haven't read anything for myself lately, any suggestions??


efguess said...

I love Christina Wells too! Thanks for the recommendations!

Liz said...

"Leading Little Ones to God" was MY "God book" when I was Lucy and Caroline's age! I remember that cover well. :)

holly Eppes said...

Ok. I ordered Read Aloud Bible Stories and Ann Voskamp's book. I also just ordered For the Children's Sake. Lots of reading to do. Thanks again.