Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nothing Much

Thursday we went to the Austin Nature Center. It is perfect for kids our age, a little water, a little sand, rocks for Preston to throw, trails, and pathetic animals.
Austin has such a guilt complex about caging animals. The zoo is filled with sad, neurotic furry creatures, pacing back and forth, or hobbling around on 3 legs, missing a wing, blind, albino... The nature center doesn't disappoint. Every little animal has a page of it's sob story, usually involving a man with a gun or car, or someone trying to raise the cute fox in the back yard. It's not exactly the tribute to the beauty of God's creation I loved to show the girls at the Houston Zoo, but whatever.
We did this for a LONG time. Back and forth, back and forth.
Watching the one-winged, one eyed owl.
We got a trampoline Thursday after the Nature Center. Andy drove the girls to San Antonio to pick it up and then assembled it that evening. It is my dream to own a trampoline, I personally LOVE to jump, flip and fall.
Pretty tuckered out, wearing the "thank you" t-shirt from the girls at Shady Grove.
I've decided to call it "The Nanny"
Saturday, the girls and Andy went to Dallas for the day for cousin Austin's 1 year birthday!
Could he be any cuter??


Shannon Morrison said...

found your blog and thought i would say hi! we are also adopting independently from rwanda (DTR 01/02/10) and live just up the road in temple. we are also starting a classical university model school here! god bless and we'd love to include y'all the next time we get together with other austin area rwanda families!

Megan said...

You crack me up Emily!