Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day Trippin through Spring Break

So Amity and Amanda and I loaded up 9 kids, 3 double joggers, and 3 bikes and headed to town lake and zilker to kick off Spring break. We decided to run/walk/crawl around the trail first (3 miles). Caroline kept asking "why don't you run as fast as Mrs. Bonneau?" little twirp.
Bike accidents and toddlers wanting to get out and run slowed us much more frequently than my 6 mile/min pace:)

I used to play on this fire engine at Zilker, and it probably went much like this. Barefoot and getting mom's attention from the highest place possible.
ALL Boy!!

Preston and Caroline Kickin it in the Keens on the train.
I love this man. He plays for the runners and train riders all the time.
Amanda and Maeve ready to depart.
It was hilarious sitting behind these three as they told stories, jokes and swapped
basic nonsense!

I made a rookie mom error the next day.
Raining, spring break... do not go to the Hoppin' house.
Day care "field trips", moms needing to get out of the house with cranky toddlers, very large bully kids out for spring break...
Knee to the face, does this look like fun? No, it was not.
I think hell may be full of Hoppin' Houses.
Yesterday we went swimming with friends (really, hot-tubbing) and today we went to the Austin Nature Center and Shady Grove for lunch. The girls are driving with Andy right now to pick up a trampoline (so I never have to go to a bouncy house again!)... Pictures later today.
Hope you are also having a great spring break!!

Peace Out!!

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