Thursday, March 4, 2010

Everyday life Pics

She is my little revolutionary. Now, I need to channel that in the right direction!
Oh, I adore this child!

Watching basketball with dad
Caroline and Maeve
Preston and Andrew

Lucy and Jack

Preston, Nana and Grampa

Baby Nathaniel born to Andy's older brother, Jon and Amanda. He is perfect!

Just Vaccuuming.
Lucy's very best friends at school, Madren and Annie, on pajama day.

Austin Snow!!
Snow phonograms :) weird, I know...
I loved that Caroline was home for school on the snow day, again...
Preston would have NOTHING to do with the snow and hung out in the neighbors garage while the others had a ball

Snowball fights with Luke

Caroline made snow balls and poured syrup all over them. Yes, like Laura Ingalls in Big
Woods, or the Long Winter, Plum Creek, I get them mixed up. Did I mention we home school part time :) We're just going to be a little dorky. I'm OK with that!


efguess said...

haha!!! i am so jealous of the fun snowday!- fav pics- liney with her maple snowballs, and pdiddy hiding in the garage in his bubble jacket

Liz said...

I wasn't ever homeschooled, but if we had ever HAD snow, I can promise I would have put syrup on it like in Little House on the Prairie.