Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Practically in High School

Caroline graduated from Kinder last week.
She has had such a great year! I have loved the flexibility we've had as a family while she learns what she is supposed to from school and myself. Doing Veritas was a stretch for me personally and I lived to tell about it :). 1st grade will be a big step in the fall. She made some great friends, had a wonderful teacher, and learned her 3Rs.
Mrs. Clement gave out character "rocks" to each child.
Caroline received "Servant Hearted", I was probably most proud of the things she said about Caroline's character than anything else!!
I LOVE the other moms at school!!! I am challenged by them, and noone seems to take themselves too seriously.
After graduation, they got to change into PJs and have a little party.
My mom was able to come, which made the day extra special for Caroline.

I'm proud of you Caroline!


Liz said...

I love my precious niece! Congratulations on surviving and thriving during the first year for both of you. :)

efguess said...

Yeah... I sat at my desk and cried when you sent out the pic of her first day of Kinder and your first day of Kinder with Dad- yes... I was preggy, but it was also really sweet! I can't believe we are on to 1st!