Tuesday, May 25, 2010

wow, sweetheart, thank you...

Caroline drew this in SUNDAY SCHOOL. (supposedly, I am in a tent and there are bed bugs, and that is what I am angry about...) likely story

10 minutes later, Lucy's sunday school teacher asks me "so... is Lucy your... challenging one?"

Preston has been crying or whining about 10 hours a day.
I admit, it's been a little rough around here at the end of the year. I've checked with a couple friends with small children hear the same report, "I'm losing my mind"
End of the year busyness, late bedtimes, less cooking real meals, and, mostly, less consistent discipline. I own it, it's my fault. I'm ready for summer!!
We are taking a little mini-family vacation this weekend. I am going to re-group, play with the kids without a schedule, plan for the summer, and start Schulz-family-boot-camp when we get back.

I'll post the "mommy is happy" picture next week!


Liz said...

That picture is hilarious. Sounds like the lazy river couldn't come at a better time!! I will see you in the next couple weeks for boot camp. :)

Cici said...

So hilarious! Thanks for the laugh.

efguess said...

That's hilarious. Yesterday when I took C out of her crib and she was crying, Luc said, "oh it's okay, she's just a little cranky"...and I thought, man...that was straight from my sister's mouth.

Megan said...

I can totally hear your voice saying this! "wow, sweetheart, thank you..." I can even imagine your facial expression!