Monday, June 7, 2010

Trouble Turns Two

Today is Preston's big day.
He is a different creature than the girls! (But then again, Lucy is TOTALLY different than Caroline.) I absolutely love raising him. He is NON-stop and ALL boy. He melts my heart!!

Birthday Suit and Boots

The higher he can get, the better. I knew I was in trouble when one of the first things he did after he started walking was pop the screens out downstairs and climb out onto the deck.

"cousin" Lily (and her crate) was a huge hit!
He's figured out how to get into the freezer and pull out the ice cream. I've found him all over the house hiding with Blue Bell...
Coloring his face with markers is his idea of a craft

Yesterday, I came down from working on the upstairs and found him sitting up here, FLOODING the kitchen with the faucet that extends, on full water. There was a LOT of water. This picture is 20 minutes later when I came back from putting the soaking towels in the laundry. He's speedy! I know when I hear "uh, oh" to come running!

You are a piece of work, Preston, I adore you!! Happy Birthday!


Laura said...

LOVE THIS~ Boys! It makes my crazy boys look normal. I like that!

Liz said...

Oh Happy Birthday to the sweetest Dizz!! I love that boy, too. And these pictures are precious. :)

thedroogfam said...

sounds like preston and carter would get along REALLY well.