Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sidney Bristow training day at the Lake

I've always wanted to be a covert spy, a la, Sidney Bristow from Alias. Or at least do something dangerous and exciting, for the greater good of the world.
I am not cut out for it, at all. Whatsoever.

I am a bit more like Goldie Hawn in Private Benjamin.
But, I have 2 daughters. They are in training.

As any self respecting boathouse roof has, there is a trapeze quite a ways out to fetch with a long pole and then you swing out and act a fool.
Like my brother, and do a pike and then a belly flop.

It's pretty high up, and as any mother would be, I was so proud when Caroline hopped up the stairs to fling herself off. She was a natural. CIA, here we come.
like I said, Private Benjamin.
You should have seen me in college playing Assassin, climbing through other people's apartment windows in the middle of the night to shoot them with a water gun. Mapping out my target's class schedule to get them on campus. Bizarre.
I could totally drop behind enemy lines, steal the secret plans and save our country.

Then send in this one to cover my back.

while this one watches out with her gun in the water, ready to swim back to shore through shark infested water, backstroke.
All safe. Preston, some drinks please!!

watch out ladies, OO7 is here

She's even got the stance
Andy wants no part of this, and, as usual, is tending to the real work.
Happy Father's Day.
Thanks for keeping us all actually safe, while we live in our dreamworld!


Liz said...

Cute!!! And you are so graceful in the air... quite a natural.

Your blog background is so cute, too!

efguess said...

Love those pictures... and thank you for not posting a picture of me on the trapeze as I was not so graceful...In my head I could do the jump start and then at LEAST one flip... in reality, once my own weight hit the taut rope... I was done and flopped right into the water- BUT it was better than Daniel's for sure. I always thought we would be a good team on the amazing race...