Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Two Weeks Home and Already a Lake-Baby

 Well,  I've made it two weeks with 4 kids.  The first week was shaky at best.   
Drew is doing great now, adjusting well to life in a home with a family.  He gets A LOT of attention.  The other 3 love him, and have a blast with him.  He is sleeping most, if not all, the way through the night, which is fantastic!  However, 20 minutes seems to be his idea of a nap, so he gets REALLY tired and fussy in the afternoon.  He'll get it worked out.  He is such a joyful little boy.  He gets so excited to see Andy when he comes home from work or walks in a room.  He seems to be bonding to us well, according to my VERY limited experience with this sort of thing.
 In other news, Caroline had quite a collision during Soccer in P.E. and fell hard and broke her wrist. When she got in the car after school, she complained that her wrist hurt because she has "laid down her life for a soccer goal" and was proud of herself.  Like any good mother, I did nothing until 2 days later when it was still swollen and she had made a sling for herself...
 This has been almost as exciting as having a new brother!  A new orange, waterproof cast that all her besties can sign and ask her over and over again what happened.
 My sis in law Liz and brother Daniel brought their 5 month old Charlie over for a visit.  They hit it off wonderfully, pawing at each other's faces :)
 "Surfing" on the Kayak is the new favorite activity, almost as much fun as catching craw fish and singing "love songs" to it so that ALL of Lake Austin can hear.

 Aunt Liz and Cousin Charlie
 Drew LOVES the sand and the water on his feet.  He just stares at all the trees, water, birds, boats.  Everything is NEW for him.
 These two are thick as thieves these days!

 Elizabeth and Cousin Campbell were  BIG helpers feeding Drew Cheerios.  I think he was a little confused by this little girl with the big bow stuffing Os in his mouth.
 Nana and Grampa came to meet Drew Saturday, he took to her easily and we were so glad to see them.
Drew is making great strides developmentally too, he is sitting up for long stretches and even pushes with his legs if on his tummy.  He eats everything I give him, mostly avacado, sweet potato, banana and mango.  We go to an Adoption Clinic in the next week to have him checked out head to toe by an Infectious Diseases Doc here at Dell Children's.  He is ON me or very close all day, so my back is having a tough time.

Drew is a delight!  We are hunkered down at home as a family right now and this is about the first time I've been on the computer in 2 weeks.  I'm sorry to my friends who are texting/ emailing/calling.  I will get my head above water soon and call!!  I miss you!!  4 Kids under 8 is a lot of action and not much sitting down.  I have had meals brought several times a week which is a HUGE blessing and great to have a conversation with someone over 8, too.
On another note, did ya'll know Christa Wells has a new album out- How Emptiness Sings?  It is amazing, of course!!!
 OK, I've got a full day of homeschool with Caroline today( a little catchup too!) better focus.


Kat said...

Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing your experience! We just got approved this month so hopefully we will get our referral soon. I have a question about travel in Rwanda that I was wanting to ask you if you don't mind. I teach online and was curious if you thought I would be able to have decent internet access every day that I'm there or if the internet is spotty, I would just take some time off. Is the internet pretty slow there? Sorry for the random question, I just wanted to ask someone who was recently there. Thanks! My email address is katarrack (at) gmail (dot) com.

holly Eppes said...

Yeay, baby Drew, you are going to have SO much fun down by the water this summer! We can't wait to play with you. We'll come by on the boat this weekend and scoop yall up!

Gayle said...

Thank you so much for the update, Em! I've been stalking your blog for info. So glad to see the pics and hear that they all are loving their little brother and he is adjusting well. Will pray for naps and sleep - which we all know makes for a happy baby! Love you all.

Stephanie said...

I broke my arm around her age playing soccer too! And do you know what? My mom also did NOT take me to the doctor until a guy working next door to my Dad suggested it might be broken. Of course, 2 weeks later, I slid my arm out of the cast, threw it away and said I was all better. I have wrist problems to this day! Don't let her take it off! :)

Thanks for your sweet words on my blog and for your wisdom here. You are the big sister ahead of me slightly in this game and I want to learn as much as I can from you! I'll be a mother of 4 on Friday and I'm scared. Will check out the Purvis blog you mentioned and please keep sharing!