Monday, April 25, 2011

Home of Hope Reunion and Schulz Easter Pic

Marc and Kayan Simpio had a very fun Easter egg hunt Saturday where we were able to get all the Home of Hope kids in Austin\Temple together.  All 5 of these little ones were in an orphanage together 6 months ago, and now they are Texans in families who adore them!!  They were swapping stories about Sisters Theresa and Sebastian, and comparing TexMex to maize mush.  They are also ready for the rest of their posse to join them. We've got a Birt, Honegger, Allen, Bower, and Scott soon to join this party!!

Drew, Aliyah, Elle, Alex and Roman~Welcome to a Texas Easter, ya'll!
My little brood.  Please be impressed that they are all matching.  Nana and Target came through at the last minute, saving Lucy from a pink smocked dress with puffed sleeves that she would rather not be caught dead in.

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