Tuesday, April 26, 2011

MAJOR Progress with Drew and mini-Jilians

When we picked up Drew one month ago, at almost 10 months old, he could not roll over, sit up or bear ANY weight on his legs.  Holding his head up was exhausting too!
Look at him now!!! 
 He loves the mirror in our closet.
 I'm so proud of you Drew!!
 The girls are just nuts for Jilian Michaels...
I laughed quite hard at the whole workout with black beans as weights
 Drew had to check out the action and yell out motivation from the laundry basket.


Courtney said...

yay, drew!

i LOVE jillian michaels! i'm starting "ripped in 30" tomorrow! do you have that one?

The Wells Family said...

looks like caroline matches jillian.

way to go drew...you are a good coach mama.

Liz said...

That is HILARIOUS about the girls. I mainly love that they have on sports bras! So funny. AND what a great way to wear them out. ;)

GO DREW! You are so wonderful. It's amazing what a little/lot of attention from mama and daddy will do!

holly Eppes said...

He's getting SO strong. He'll be ready to wake board before you know it :)

Just so you know, I reference your blog weekly and dig through all the other blogs you have posted. Thanks for doing that.