Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lake Day

Saturday, we got to go spend the day with dear friends we do not see near often enough. The Morris' invited us and the Brazeltons out to their lake house. The kids all love each other and we got to catch up and play around.
Mary and Melissa have both had a profound impact on my life, both discipling me in one way or another during our time in Houston. Same goes with Matt and West for Andy. We miss you! Thank you Morris' for a great day!!

Preston and his boats. I bet he said the word "boat" about 700 times.
Caroline, Melissa and Mark taking off.
There may be nothing I love more than being with my family on the water.
It is balm to my soul.
Preston's first jet-ski ride. Loved it.
This may have been the highlight of her 6 year old life. Will and Caroline rode the jet-ski near the boat where we were driving for an hour. just cruisin.
big time.
AK, Rebecca and Lucy manning the front of the boat
West and Annie Kate driving us around.
Even I got to ski. I am still sore!
I love this, AK on West's shoulders on a Morris-made disc device.
I had great water, while Andy had the most choppy water I've seen on a lake (it isn't bad here), but he did great!
Melissa and Mark playing. She is such a fun mom! You too Mary, why do I have no pics of you?

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