Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

What a fun day with family and extended family and new friends! We all went to church together and then, we hosted my sister/Taylor/Campbell and then my parents, my brother/Liz and her parents, grandparents and brother/Danielle.

The guys swapping lies.
Mrs. Lozier and Mom

Easter Morning Baskets.
Dad and Mr. Lozier filling easter eggs for the hunt and eating a LOT of candy themselves!

Cousin Campbell. She may be the best, most mellow baby I've ever met! It's too bad the enormous pink pouf-ball bow came out of her hair before the picture!

We also had my new friends to our church and lunch, Peter and Jing and daughter Cheryl, from China, we met through Craigslist. They are doctoral students at UT.
They bought my double jogger, and we have developed a wonderful friendship. I love it when the Lord's fingerprints are all over a relationship. They are seeking Christianity, coming from a Communist background and God has allowed me to be part of their journey.
Just an plug for making friends with international students: they have been in Austin for 4 years and had never been in an American home until a month ago, in ours. They had never hosted Americans in theirs until me and my children. They have NO American friends and they live a quarter mile from where my church meets. They are dear and generous and a joy to know.
Mom and Dad- making more friends with Internationals every time I turn around! My mom now teaches an english class on campus and my dad always has his grad students around and now they are leading a marriage class for International Students.
Lucy, Cheryl and Caroline, comparing eggs filled with candy.

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