Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More photos from Andy's phone

I was able to skype with Andy (and Natalie and Zac) yesterday. It was the best conversation we've been able to have. He has had a lot to say about the orphanage. They have been to play with the kids 3 days now. He loves it!
He's taken a million pictures on his camera, but has been sending me pics from his phone, so I can keep up with where he is.

Well, not these two, Jessica took these.
Hippo. Apparently, Andy was throwing rocks at it to get it out of the water. ?

The classroom where the girls sew
These next few are from the refugee camp on the border of Tanzania and Rwanda. I believe these people were forced here with the genocide. ANLM has started a school there. It is pretty remote, they had to drive 3 hours to get there.

Sunday morning children's worship

These two are the suitcases full of stuff Andy and Zac brought. See the girls tutus?

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Liz said...

I was wondering where you were getting the pics from... thanks for keeping us updated and posting. Miss you guys! I'll see you Sunday at church... I had to take a friend to the airport this week.

(hey, my "word verification" is pastr. Just missing the "o". How appropriate.)