Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Zilker Tree

The Zilker Park tree is an Austin landmark, at least for me. As a kid, every Christmas my family went down to spin underneath, drink hot cocoa, and look at the nativity scenes. My brother asked Liz to marry him there, I love that. If she had said no, that would have really put a damper on the experience!
The tree is just a tall pole with colored lights coming down. I love the way you can see it from Mopac over Town Lake.

Taking my kids there the other night was a blast. I got to watch them run in circles, get dizzy, fall down, and eat kettle corn. Now there is this entire trail of lights, which, mercifully, due to "budgetary restrictions" of the city, was scaled way back.

A funny conversation looking at the displays:
Lucy "Why is there a bear there? That's not Jesus."
Caroline: "No, Lucy, it could be, a bear is really strong and so is Jesus"

Look at that HUGE bag of Kettle Korn!

Spinning and Spinning

The girls and Jack, our neighbor

I do love Christmas in Austin.
I love being in the hill country, and only a few miles out of downtown.
I wore a tshirt and flipflops to HEB today to buy stocking stuffers.

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