Saturday, December 26, 2009

Schulz/Farrar Christmas

"Glory to God in the Highest. Peace on earth, good will to men!"
The Christmas "pagent" was great fun to think about and dress up for, but not as much fun to practice. So, they just dressed up as an angel and mary and smiled :)

Christmas eve church service and dinner here with Gramma/Papa and Kathryn/Andy.

Deer are all over the neighborhood, but we don't see too many on our street. The last two Christmas mornings we have, though. We've also seen bunnies on Easter mornings, twice. weird.

It was amazing how Santa built a swing!
Kathryn made bedding for two doll beds that she bought and painted. They are beautiful! They match the girls bedding and both dolls slept well last night next to their mommies.
Kit Kitredge, American Girl. Our new best friend.
Santa really pulled through with the baby bjorn and shopping cart. Lucy has had her baby attached to her since yesterday morning. She got a new baby from my mom that cries when her pacifier comes out. It's awesome.
He is in boy heaven with the tool bench and the slide and the little basketball hoop.

ALL he wanted to do was play outside with the football/basketball/soccer ball...

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