Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jessica and Frank

These are two of my favorite people with Lucy and Preston's sponsored kids, Jessica and Frank, in Rwanda. Natalie works with the amazing organization, Africa New Life, and Annabel is one of four girls in one of our favorite families. She also happens to be our favorite babysitter. She is remarkable. The whole Jamail family went to Rwanda with ANL over thanksgiving. I've heard amazing things.
We were able to send gifts over with them to give to Jessica (7) and Frank (5). Through ANL, they can go to an amazing school and have their needs cared for. They are precious. Lucy already has this picture printed, and by her bed :) This ministry is changing our hearts as a family, as well. Even Preston mentions Frank in his "prayers", and calls every African American boy he sees, "Frank". hmmm...
We get to go to the airport today to welcome the first Austin family home with their little guy from Rwanda!!!


Liz said...

How wonderful on all accounts! :)

Megan said...

Even though it was one quick hug, it was great to see you Sunday. Let's talk and catch up soon! Love you.