Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Lake Park Style

So, we checked out the annual halloween bash down at the lake park Friday night.
As you can see, the florescent orange hair paint swayed Lucy in her decision to be Pippi (as opposed to a drunk, floosy orphanage worker, overweight laundry man or monkey with a tophat, although also good options)
We made a night of it with the neighbors. Have I mentioned I have the best neighbors? All the kids have a ball together!! Their moms are OK too :)
There was a special performance by two middle aged women in silver spandex lip syncing and dancing to 60's music. I'm thinking they were not drinking the sodas from the cooler. Wish I had a picture.
We went trick or treating in the dark, huge hit. There were bouncy houses, a foam pit, cake walk, CANDY. Lucy declared it the best night of her life.

Buzz Lightyear was hating on the white spandex pants, but the ladies loved it!

Pippi lounging in the Fire Engine, chatting it up with the Fireman.

They are not as innocent as they look!

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