Sunday, April 6, 2008

Well, after many cries to get with the 21st century and start "blogging", i have succumbed to the pressure. So, here it is, the first ever Schulz Family blog post. I generally resist this type of technology, and don't think for a second i am getting on Facebook anytime soon. That is WAY too cool for me. And, no, Katie, i still don't know how to reply to your texts msgs.
But after seeing many of you in Houston this weekend, and how your kids have grown, even in 3 months, I want to do a better job keeping in touch through pictures. So I will try and stay current and promise not to go on for a page about potty training or first bites of peas (a special request from my sister) Now i will try and figure this out and put some pictures on, enjoy!


Megan said...

The pressure is really on now. I thought you were my ally?

the_wells said...

wow! my question DO you make those pictures so large?
I honestly don't know how you do that? Usually I post pictures as part of my blog entry. (there is an blue little icon that you press...i know i know..tough stuff) - but it looks like you posted pics seperately? still - i am so so proud! and i'm glad you can at least READ my texts....that's a start.

Liz said...

Congratulations!!! Welcome to the 90s! :)

I will have to find the pics of Kate and I at Zilker in the early 80s. We can compare who behaved better for the camera... i.e. who did the fake whisper in her sister's ear b/c mom told them to pretend they were friends and telling secrets? I think we won on that picture. But I think y'all won on getting both girls to look at the camera at one time. Success! :)